Dental Instrument

Dental instruments are used by the dentist and his or her staff during dental procedures. Instruments help dentists diagnose and treat dental disease. Each is created with a specific purpose in mind. Oral health care practitioners employ a variety of dental devices in their various jobs and expertise. Different treatment methods require different sorts of tools. During an examination, a general dentist may utilize the following diagnostic instruments.

·         Cotton pliers are used to place cotton rolls or plugets in the mouth to dry it out.

·         Mouth mirror: used to see places that are difficult to see, such as the roof of the mouth, behind the molars, and behind the front teeth.

·         Probes: these are used to determine the depth of periodontal pockets or sulci.

·         Explorers are used to discover dental cavities in the grooves and pits of teeth.

The following instruments may be utilized during restorative treatment:

·         Excavators are used to remove little bits of deterioration around the nerve.

·         Brush holders: used to hold small brushes and reach deep into the mouth.

·         Carvers: for shaping the amalgam filling to the tooth's form.

·         Plungers: used to place amalgam fillings deep inside the tooth that has been excavated.

·         Syringes: for cleaning excavated teeth with sterile water, and so on.

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